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Benefits of Corn for Pregnant Women

If pregnant women get bored eating rice or feel nauseous about the smell of rice, corn can be a choice for rice. With so many nutrients in corn, it’s no wonder that there are many benefits of corn for pregnant women that you should consider.

Benefits of Corn for Pregnant Women

Eating healthy food is very important during pregnancy, both for the health of the mother who is pregnant, and the baby in the womb. One of the good foods eaten by pregnant women is corn. Corn contains calories, water, protein, carbohydrates, sugar, fiber, fat, omega-3, omega-6, folate, vitamins, and minerals such as zinc and magnesium.

Benefits of Corn Based on Its Content

If judging from the womb, the benefits of corn for pregnant women can be described as follows:

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  • Carbohydrate

Carbohydrates are an important source of energy for pregnant women. Even about 50 percent of the calories needed by the body must be obtained from carbohydrate foods.

  • Fiber

Corn contains enough fiber which is important for pregnant women. Fiber makes food move smoothly in the digestive tract. This makes pregnant women avoid constipation or constipation. Besides, fiber-rich foods are usually also rich in other nutrients needed by pregnant women and fetuses.

  • Protein

During pregnancy, especially the second and third trimesters, protein is one of the most needed nutrients. Protein functions as a brick that makes up the body cells of the Little One and plays an important role in its growth. Besides, protein is also needed by the body of pregnant women who are getting bigger, to accommodate the needs of the little one who is growing and developing.

  • Vitamin B

Corn contains vitamins B3, B5, B6, and B9. Vitamin B3 functions to maintain the nervous system and healthy skin, vitamin B5 helps get energy from food, vitamin B6 helps overcome morning sickness and produces red blood cells, while vitamin B9 or folate is useful to prevent anemia in pregnant women and fetal nerve tube defects.

  • Potassium

Feet cramps when pregnant? It could be because of a lack of potassium. Potassium plays an important role in helping muscles contract, maintaining fluid and electrolyte balance in body cells, and delivering nerve signals. Potassium also plays a role in maintaining blood pressure to remain stable.

  • Antioxidant

Corn contains antioxidants. The amount of antioxidants in corn tends to be even higher than other grains. Here are some antioxidants in corn:

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  • Lutein, protects eyes from cell damage.
  • Zeaxanthin, one of the most common carotenoids found in plants and is thought to improve eye health.
  • Ferulic acid is thought to protect liver and nerve function and prevent inflammation, diabetes, and aging. However, its effects on pregnant women and fetuses have not been studied.

The benefits of corn for pregnant women can not only be obtained by consuming corn in its full form. As an alternative, corn-based foods such as cornstarch, fortified with additional nutrients or corn oil, can also be a good choice for consumption during pregnancy.

However, don’t just focus on corn. There are still many other foods that are also good to be consumed to meet the nutritional needs of pregnant women. In addition to paying attention to the nutritional intake of food, do not forget to be diligent to check the gynecologist for obstetricians, so that the health of the mother and fetus remains controlled.

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