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Eye Diseases That You Often Experience And How To Overcome Them

There are many types of eye diseases. Most of them are classified as eye infections. In everyday life, we often find eye infections. How is eye disease, and the eye should be maintained so it is not susceptible to disease, we will discuss it here.

Eye Diseases That You Often Experience And How To Overcome Them

We often hear the myth that causes the emergence of a pimple or pimple disease, namely there are boils growing on the eyelids. The boils are red as big as green beans, and the surroundings swell. People used to say the big eye was caused by frequent peeking. When in fact that’s not the cause.

Don’t Just Hold Your Eyes

The cause of the distended eye is not because of frequent peering, but because of poor eye hygiene. There are germs that enter the eye gland. Could be because often holding eyes, or dirty eyes polluted by water and air, that way the germ of disease infiltrated entering the eyeball.

Basically tears are as a protective eye against germs. There are antidote for germs in tears. But if the germs that contaminate the eyeball are large in number, or are malignant, the eyeball will lose too. When the eyeball protector loses against the germ of the disease, infection will occur.

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There are many types of disease seeds that enter the eyeball. Starting from viruses, germs, to parasites. Viruses and germs themselves are many kinds. Likewise with parasites, including fungi that often perch on the eyeball.

We must prevent the entry of germs. This happens most often because they just hold their eyes, so the way to prevent them is by getting used to not holding their eyes. Since childhood, children are educated to maintain their eyes. Dirty fingers are forbidden to hold the eyes, because dirty fingers are usually already contaminated with various germs and the eye can become infected if touched.

If you touch or touch your eyes, for example when itching, use a handkerchief or tissue, not directly with bare fingers. Or when the eyeball is exposed to fine dust or sand, you should use material that is sacred to pests.

Eye infections can also enter through water in swimming pools, at sea or in rivers. When the epidemic is red eye disease you should not swim in public swimming pools if you do not want to be infected.

Eye Allergic

Red eye disease is generally caused by infection. All causes of infection can make eyes turn red. Doctors can distinguish what causes red eyes. Including if caused by allergies.

Eyes can get red if you have an allergic reaction. Those who are allergic are gifted, whether itching appears on the skin or asthma, their eyes may turn red when exposed to allergies. It might be caused by air, certain dust, mosquito coils, textile chemicals, drugs, or anything, including cosmetics, bath soap, or shampoo.

The difference with an infected eye, allergic eyes are usually not painful. Some eye infections are accompanied by discomfort in the eyes, ranging from just a lump in the eyeball, painful, to severe pain. Some accompanied by excessive eye dirt, swelling of the eyelids, inflamed red, until high fever. While eye allergies are just itching, in addition to red eyes.

Red eye due to drug allergy is not the same as infected red eye. Because it is prohibited carelessly using eye medication. The same redness, not necessarily the same medicine. Even red eye infections aren’t all the same. If the cause is a virus, it will not heal with eye medicines that contain antibiotics. Vice versa.

Protect Our Eyes

Eyes need to be protected, because tears are not enough. In dusty air and lots of wind, you need to wear protective glasses. Also when swimming in public swimming pools, it is healthier when using swimming goggles.

Protecting eyes against sunlight is also needed. The more often exposed to hard light (infrared), the more it will damage the eyes. Cataract is one of the consequences when the eyeball is often exposed to the sun during the day. Including when often cooking in the kitchen, dealing with chalk kilns, steel, so workers who work like this need to be given eye protection.

If at any time the eyeball is exposed to coarse dust or sand, it is forbidden to rub the eyeball, because it can be fatal. With the emphasis on the eyeball by friction of fine sand or pointed spines, both can injure the corneal layer (black eye). An injured cornea can become injured. Wounds on the cornea can blind the eyes.

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Not Just Any Eye Medicine

It has been mentioned before that the same eye complaints and symptoms are not necessarily the same medicine. But mistakes often occur. For example, using wrong eye medication, or eye medication that has been used for a long time.

Especially for eye medication due to infection, it should be discarded if used even though there is still much left. In addition to not necessarily be able to cure, the packaging may have been contaminated with germs because it touched the eyes that hurt when dripping.

Red eye can also be caused by elevated eye pressure or glaucoma. The medicine is not the same as eye infections or allergic eyes. Careless use of eye medications in addition to not cure, also risks harming the eyes.

There is a special type of eye medication that is added to the corticosteroid class of drugs. This type of drug should not be for infections that affect the cornea, because it can be bad. It also should not be used for infections caused by the herpes virus because it can make eye disease get worse.

Also be careful using eye drops. Red eye is not always suitable for treatment with eye medication purchased at a food stall. The possibility of his red eyes will actually get worse. Free eye drops are only for cleaning the eyeball, not for treating eye infections. If your eye pain is getting worse, immediately consult an eye doctor so you get a more appropriate treatment.

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