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Let’s Recognize the Characteristics of Weak Heart Early

Characteristics of a weak heart are usually quite easily recognized and detected so that people should be able to immediately see a doctor if one day experiences these characteristics or symptoms. But not infrequently some people have just detected heart disease when the condition is severe enough. Therefore knowledge of heart disease and its symptoms is certainly very important to be known by the public.

Lets Recognize the Characteristics of Weak Heart Early Early

The goal is that the community can be more vigilant, can care more about their health and so that the number of people who die of heart disease can be reduced. In general, the heart is one of the organs that is very important for one’s life. And it can’t be denied, when a heart has a problem, so does one’s life. Even sufferers of this heart disease will bet with their own lives because the disease can recur at any time and can take lives.

Characteristics of a Weak Heart in the Early Stages

The function of the heart in the human body is as a blood pump which always works every time even though we sleep. Therefore usually heart disease is also very influenced by various other diseases related to blood or blood flow. Weak heart disease itself is usually interpreted as a heart organ whose function is not running normally anymore, and its ability has decreased.

The decrease in function and performance of the heart is usually caused by an enlarged heart muscle. Therefore you must avoid diseases that can make the heart muscle enlarge, especially hypertension or high blood pressure.

The strength of the heart muscle that begins to weaken will become a disorder that is quite difficult to overcome. This is because in general the heart muscle has a different character from other muscles in the body. And because heart disease is dubbed the number one killer disease in the world, then you should know what are the characteristics of a weak heart so that you can detect it early and treat it. The following are some of the characteristics when a person has a weak heart.

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  • Hard to breathe

The most common feature to find out if someone has a weak heart is a condition of shortness of breath or difficulty breathing. This is because the weakening of the heart’s function will make the blood enter the blood vessels again which functions as a supplier of oxygen from the lungs to the heart. And the side effect is that someone will experience breathing problems. Symptoms experienced are usually when someone is doing sports or other strenuous activities.

  • Easily tired

Characteristics of the next weak heart when the heart can no longer pump blood optimally is that you will easily feel tired when doing activities. When the heart weakens, the risk that must be taken is that the blood that is pumped will not be able to meet the body’s needs. Therefore, sufferers of this weak heart will usually experience weakness or lethargy, especially in the arms and legs. Especially if used to walk up and down stairs or carry heavy loads, this symptom will be felt.

  • Chronic cough

Weak heart patients will usually create a buildup of fluid in the lung area. Well, this is what causes a person to experience coughs that are difficult to cure. Sometimes this cough can cause phlegm and sometimes mixed with blood.

  • Irregular Heartbeat

The next characteristic of a weak heart is a heartbeat that becomes faster and also irregular. The heart may accelerate its pulse to compensate for its weakness when pumping blood to supply blood throughout the body. Therefore sufferers of weak hearts will often feel the beat or heartbeat become fast and irregular.

  • Decreased appetite

Sometimes sufferers of heart disease will also experience a condition of lack of appetite or appetite that is reduced. This is caused because when the liver and also the digestive system fails to receive a healthy blood supply, what happens is the emergence of nausea or sometimes you will feel full. Though maybe you haven’t filled your stomach with food or drinks. This is what will make you lose weight drastically.

  • Hard to think

Weakening of heart function will make the heart’s performance to provide blood supply throughout the body to be reduced. And what characterizes the next weak heart sufferer is that someone will find it hard to think because blood flow to the brain will decrease. Therefore high blood pressure sufferers can experience memory problems or even disorientation. However, sometimes the sufferer does not realize that this difficult to think the condition is one of the characteristics of a weak heart.

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  • Swelling

The next characteristic is the swelling that occurs due to the accumulation of fluid in certain body parts. This condition is caused because blood flow to the kidneys becomes disrupted when the heart’s performance is no longer optimal. Therefore, the kidneys store more salt and water. Swelling will usually occur at the ankles and also the hands or commonly referred to as edema.

Know the Causes of a Weak Heart and How to Avoid it

This heart disease can be caused by many things. Sometimes it can occur due to external factors, and sometimes it can also occur due to other health problems that occur in the body so that the heart is affected too. If this is the case, doctor’s treatment and consumption of various types of chemical drugs are usually the most frequently chosen path. This heart weakness can be caused by heart function that has been damaged. Thus the blood pump throughout the body will be disrupted. Some of the causes include high blood pressure, anemia, weakness of heart-filling, or heart rate disorders. Then how to overcome or avoid the risk of developing a weak heart?

The first way you can do if you don’t want to experience weak heart traits is to exercise regularly so that a weak heart condition can recover or you can avoid this disease. Just do casual sports like aerobics, walking, riding a bicycle, jogging or gardening. Besides you are also strongly advised to stop bad habits such as smoking and consuming alcoholic beverages because these two habits are very influential for your heart health. Also reduce fatty foods. And if you already feel too fat, do a healthy diet.

So, after reading our discussion about what are the characteristics of a weak heart and some of the causes of a weak heart, we hope you can be more aware of this disease and pay more attention to the health of your own body. If you feel your heart condition getting worse, immediately consult a doctor to get more appropriate medical treatment.

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