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Reduce the Risk of Back Pain With the Right Sitting Position

The habit of sitting too long or improper posture when sitting can cause various diseases. One of them is back pain. To prevent this from happening, let’s look at the correct and good sitting position for health in the following article.

Reduce the Risk of Back Pain With the Right Sitting Position

The position of the body when sitting puts great pressure on the back muscles, shoulders, neck and spine. If the position of the body when sitting slipped or while bending, then the pressure in these body parts will get stronger. This poor sitting position are often one among the foremost common causes of back pain.

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Correct Sitting Position

So that the wrong sitting position does not cause back pain and pain in other body parts, try to observe whether your sitting position is correct or not. The following are some correct sitting positions to prevent back pain:

  • Adjust chair height

Adjust the height of the chair so that the arms form the letter L and the elbows are next to the body. This position allows the wrists and arms to be straight and parallel to the floor when typing. Hand or arm injuries can be avoided.

  • Support your back

Choose a chair that can support your back well, or try to place a pillow or towel roll on your lower back when sitting.

  • Pay attention to the position of the upper body

Sit with your back straight, shoulders back and your buttocks touching the back of the chair. Keep your neck and head still straight but comfortable. Also, slightly lower your chin and keep your shoulders relaxed.

  • Pay attention to the position of the lower body

Position the knee so that it is parallel to the hip. Use footrests if you feel the need. In addition, avoid crossing your legs when sitting in a chair because this position can cause back pain.

  • Foot stepping on the floor

Tap your feet until they touch the floor. If it does not arrive, use a footing or a small bench so that the feet can be comfortably planted.

  • Adjust the body position with the computer

If you often work in front of a computer, try to screen parallel to your eyes. If it’s too high or low, you have to bow your neck. This can make the neck hurt.

If you use a computer mouse, don’t forget to use a mouse pad with a pad for your wrist. The goal is that the wrist does not bend uncomfortably.

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Don’t sit too long

If the right sitting position has been done, try to not sit within the same position for quite half-hour . It is recommended to change body posture as often as possible.

In addition, take frequent breaks and stretch, albeit only briefly. This is excellent for back health because it can reduce muscle tension and pain.

Keep in mind that sitting too long, especially if sitting in the wrong position, can increase the risk of legs becoming stiff and weak, back and hip pain, shoulders and neck become stiff, pinched nerves, obesity, varicose veins, heart disease, diabetes, and depression.

Some studies have even revealed that sitting too long and rarely exercising can increase the risk of death from heart disease.

from now on pay attention to each sitting position and practice how to maintain the correct sitting position. Do not forget to always stretch the body for a few moments to avoid various unwanted injuries and diseases.

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