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Secrets of Maintaining Skin Health

Maintaining healthy skin is that the key to beautiful natural skin. Get to know the secrets of healthy skin experts in getting beautiful, clean, and healthy skin.

Secrets of Maintaining Skin Health

Do you know? Our skin features a regeneration cycle every 27 days and causes a buildup of dead skin cells that require to be cleaned regularly and maintained in healthiness. The reason is, if not cleaned, dead skin cells mixed with sweat, dust, pollution, ac exposure, sun exposure, and dirt can worsen the condition of your skin. As a result, the skin can look dull and unhealthy.

Recognize the Right Way to Maintain Skin Health

Don’t let daily activities damage your skin’s health. Below are some ways you can take care of your skin.

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  • Clean the face twice a day. Cleaning facial skin is very important to get rid of bacteria and impurities and maintain healthy skin. Moreover after each day of activities and using cosmetics.
  • Keep your skin moist. Keeping the skin moist is not any smaller by cleaning the face. Moisturizer can help keep skin dry and protect it from weather or environmental factors that can damage your skin. Besides, healthy skin experts also claim that applying moisturizer to the face can also help the skin maintain its natural moisture level.
  • Give your skin protection against the sun. Protect the skin from the sun is very important, even if you do not move in the hot sun. Important to understand, sunlight can damage your skin layer and may make it look dull, wrinkled, and other skin problems. Use sun-protective cream or sunscreen, even in cloudy weather, at least with SPF 15. At least, use sunscreen 15-20 minutes before you leave the room, also two hours afterward if you are still exposed to the sun.

The Secret of a Healthy Skin Expert is within the Content of Your Skin Care

To maintain healthy skin, you don’t just need to clean your skin regularly. You also need to pay attention to the contents that are in your skincare products. Healthy dermatologists claim that good cleansers and skincare are those that do not damage the condition of your skin and can restore the skin’s natural moisture.

  • Cleaner

A good cleanser is one that does not damage the skin layer. Use a facial cleanser with mild ingredients, containing stearyl alcohol in order that the froth isn’t excessive, colorless, and doesn’t smell or contain perfume. This is intended to take care of good skin health and not cause irritation.

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  • Skin moisturizer

For those of you who have dry skin, use a skin moisturizer that contains dimethicone, sodium PCA, shea butter, panthenol, and Cyclopentasiloxane. These ingredients have excellent ingredients to beat the matter of dry skin, anti-inflammatory, protective skin against the sun, and don’t irritate the skin. Meanwhile, for those of you who have normal skin, you can use a moisturizer that contains Cyclomethicone. And for those of you who have oily skin, can use a skin moisturizer based on water.

  • Sunblock

For sunscreen, use a protective cream that reads broad-spectrum. Sunscreen like this usually provides skin protection against UVA and UVB rays. Remember to use sunscreen a minimum of with SPF 15.
Maintaining skin health is not difficult, as long as we do it regularly and know the content of skincare products that we need.

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