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The Body Reaction When Infected With Corona Virus

The Body Reaction When Infected With Corona Virus

The reaction of the body when infected with Corona virus is shaping the body’s endurance to eradicate the virus. If the immune system is strong, then the virus will die. However, in people whose endurance is weak, Corona viruses can be difficult to dilate so severe symptoms arise and fatal complications.

Corona viruses can be transmitted between humans by splashing phlegm or saliva sufferers of COVID-19 while coughing or sneezing. This splash of phlegm and saliva can enter the body of another person through the eyes, nose, or mouth.

In addition, the Corona virus can also enter into a person’s body through an already contaminated hand in this virus when touching an object containing the saliva of the COVID-19 sufferers, if the person touches his nose or mouth before washing his hands.

What happens when the Corona Virus enters the body?

When it comes into the body, the Corona virus will stick to the walls of the respiratory and lung cells, then get into it to multiply there.

The process will be detected by the immune system. After that, the immune system or immune system will react by sending white blood cells and forming antibodies to fight and kill the virus.

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When the body’s resistance reaction occurs to the Corona virus, some symptoms may occur, such as fever. These symptoms will usually appear within 2 – 14 days after exposure to the Corona virus.

In some people infected with Corona virus, the body’s immune system reaction will successfully fight the virus, so the symptoms subsided and the person recovered by itself.

However, if a person’s immune system is not strong enough to fight the Corona virus or instead react excessively, then that person will experience the heavier symptoms of COVID-19, namely high fever and shortness of breath, or can also suffer from organ damage.

It is more risky to occur in the elderly or people who have previous infectious diseases, such as diabetes, cancer, and HIV.

Some complications of Corona Virus infections

Some patients with Corona virus infections do not experience symptoms or are only experiencing mild symptoms and will heal themselves. However, there are also patients who are experiencing severe symptoms until complications arise, such as:

  • Respiratory disorders

The most frequent complications due to Corona virus infections are problems in the respiratory tract, such as failed breathing or ARDS and pneumonia. This condition occurs when the lung tissue is experiencing inflammation and is filled with fluid, thereby disrupting the respiratory process.

When experiencing these complications, patients with Corona virus infections could have a lack of oxygen. This is what makes many COVID-19 patients need respiratory assistance, such as ventilator installation and oxygen delivery.

Corona virus infections can strengthen heart work, making it dangerous for people with a history of heart disorders, such as heart disease and heart failure.

Some studies have also shown that the risk of death from COVID-19 is much higher in people with a history of heart disease than in previously healthy people.

  • Kidney and Liver disorders

Some case reports related to the Corona virus infection mention that some sufferers with severe symptoms may experience liver failure and impaired renal function.

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To date, the cause of these complications is not yet known. However, the immune reaction to the Corona virus is allegedly as one of its causes.

In addition to the above complication, Corona virus infection sufferers also risk experiencing sepsis. This condition is easier to happen in COVID-19 patients whose condition is weak and has been hospitalized for a long time.

The powerful immune system is capable of fighting the Corona virus well so that the symptoms of COVID-19 appear to be mild and the disease can heal by itself. Conversely, if the immune system is incapable of fighting the Corona virus, it can appear severe COVID-19 symptoms and risky complications occur.

Therefore, in addition to carrying out preventive measures to avoid contracting Corona viruses, you also need to strengthen your immune system with a healthy diet and lifestyle.

If you have a fever accompanied by cough or shortness of breath, if it is in the last 14 days you have ever been in the endemic area of COVID-19 or have contact with a person who is positively infected with Corona viruses, perform self-isolation.

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