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The Human Heart And The Function Of Its Parts

The Human Heart And The Function Of Its Parts

The location of the human heart is to the left of the chest cavity, and this is certainly already known to people in general. But did you know that there is a condition that can make a person’s heart located on the right? Yes, the condition is called dextrocardia when the heart is located on the right side of the chest cavity. This condition is assessed as congenital abnormalities or congenital abnormalities. The movement of the heart organ from the left chest cavity to the right chest cavity can be caused by many things, including natural causes caused by factors from outside the heart. For example there may be a large tumor that forces the heart so that the heart’s position is leaning to the right. Lung disorders can also make the heart move to the right position of the chest cavity. But this dextrocardia abnormality that we will discuss. This time we will discuss further what is the heart, the location of the human heart and all things about the heart that must be known by everyone so that everyone can take care of the heart and love their own heart more.

First, let us know what the heart is and why humans need the heart to stay alive. The heart is one of the human organs that is very important for humans. The shape of the heart is a muscular organ cavity that functions to pump blood through blood vessels with rhythmic and repetitive time. In medicine, terms related to the heart are usually referred to as cardiac. Kardiak itself is a word that comes from Greek, which is cardia which means heart. Why is the heart so important to keep humans alive? This is because the heart plays a very important role in human blood circulation, where humans also cannot live without blood.

As discussed at the beginning of the paragraph, the location of the human heart is in the left chest cavity. The location of the heart and lungs are contiguous, the heart is between the left and right lungs. In general, the heart weighs about 300 grams. And if you want to know how big the heart is in the left cavity of your chest, your heart is as big as your fist. It was he who made the size of one person’s heart and another’s different people. Humans need blood flowing throughout their bodies to stay alive because blood is also very important for life. Therefore the location of the human heart is very important because it is the heart that pumps blood so that blood can flow throughout the body through blood vessels. So when the blood circulation is disrupted, it can make someone suffer from heart disease.

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The location of the human heart in the chest cavity is almost entirely covered by the lungs, both the left lung and right lung. The heart organ is closed by a double membrane called the pericardium where the membrane attaches to the diaphragm. The pericardial membrane has two layers. The first layer is attached very tightly to the heart organ, while the second layer which is on the outside is loose and more runny. The function of the second layer which is more lax is that the heart is protected from friction which can occur when the heart is making a continuous pumping motion.

After knowing the location of the human heart in the body, let us discuss in more detail the parts that are in one of these important human organs. In general, the heart organ is separated by a layer of muscle so that the heart is divided into two parts, namely the upper and lower parts. And each part is also divided into two pumps and the two pumps will never be connected since humans are born. Parts of the heart are separated by the heart wall which makes the heart split into four cavities. The four parts of the heart are the right atrium, the left atrium, the right chamber, and the left chamber.

Now, the heart wall that separates the heart cavities in the porch is thinner than the wall in the chambers. Why is that? The wall that limits the cubicle must work harder because the cubicle must be able to resist the gravity of the earth when pumping blood from the bottom up. This certainly requires greater power or strength so that the supply of large blood circulation can run smoothly. The chambers play a very important role especially for the circulation of blood in the aortic arteries which pumps blood to all parts of the body that have blood vessels.

In addition to the location of the human heart which is generally located on the left, each human heart must also have a porch and booth as previously described. Each porch and booth is connected by a valve. Each valve also has its name. The valve that connects between the right ventricle and the right atrium is the tricuspidalis valve, which is also often referred to as the three-leaf valve. While the bikuspidalis valve or two-leaf valve is a valve that connects the left chamber and also the left atrium.

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Besides the heart also has a wall and heart muscle. The location of the human heart that is located in the body must naturally get special protection from organs or other body parts so that the heart remains safe and secure, considering that the heart organ is one of the most important organs for humans. The heart is covered by the heart wall which contains the heart muscle. This type of heart muscle is a type of muscle that only exists in the heart and is not found in other parts of the body. This muscle must always get oxygen supply so that the work of the heart can take place continuously. Well, therefore, when there is interference in the form of narrowing of the coronary arteries will have a bad impact on the heart.

The heart also has four valves whose function is to determine the direction of blood flow, how much the amount of blood flow and also stop blood flow. The first valve is named tricuspid, mitral valve, pulmic valve, and also the aortic valve. Each of these valves has a different function, and has a closed and open time which is also different from each other. The position of the human heart which is so vital that it makes parts of the heart have to work perfectly. The valves that were explained must also open and close so that there is no alternating blood flow.

So, hopefully the explanation of the location of the human heart, heart function and some things about the heart can increase our awareness of all of us to be more disciplined to maintain heart health so that the heart can still work normally and optimally. Take care of our heart so that our lives will be healthier later on.

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